Meet the Team

Hi!  We’re Jackie Allen and Mark Jones.  We set up Twickenham Bookkeepers so we could work with more local businesses, because we’re passionate about helping businesses to thrive and grow. We have been doing it for years in our own businesses and as part of other organisations. We both love working but want to still be able keep an eye on our kids as they grow up so we have found a way that works for us to juggle a busy family life around our businesses!

Mark is the accountant, whilst Jackie’s background is in marketing, systems, people/HR, management and admin.  Jackie also runs Flex4Success, which offers business support services to a number of organisations.  We have a number of other professionals working with us so that we can grow the business further.  Together we can cover the needs of most small businesses.  We tend to work mostly with individuals and small businesses who value our experience and practical and pragmatic approach.  We like to get things done and will help you to move forward from where you are now – wherever that is – to wherever you want to get to!   If that sounds good, then we look forward to hearing from you soon.