Bookkeeping – Experience of Many Sectors

We work with organisations across a number of sectors and so we are able to apply our experience to a variety of kinds of busineses.  For example we have can help you with your bookkeeping if you are a business in:

  • Retail – it’s a tough time for retailers at the moment but by working smarter we can help you to thrive – we will encourage you to think differently and help you make sure you take care of every penny – whether you’re a shop, hairdresser, café, beautician or another kind of retail outlet, we can help you with your accounts
  • Estate agents – deposits and rent collection can be a nightmare to manage – we have experience of this industry so we can get up and running fast to support our business better
  • Medical – we have a number of clients in the medical sector that we’ve worked with for many years – if you’re a medical practice or GP we’d love to hear from you
  • Consultants and Professional Services – we have worked with consultants and professional services businesses all our lives so we understand how you work
  • Travel – as well as helping to get a tour operator up and running, we’ve run a large and complex ski chalet and managed the budgets for it so we know the travel industry well
  • Trades – electricians, plumbers, builders – if you need an accountant we can help you – we work with a number of sole traders and small businesses and would love to help you with your accounts
  • Freelance specialists – we work with a number of freelance specialists – your skills and creativity are unique – by getting your finances right you can make more money for you
  • Starting out in business?  – we specialise in helping small businesses to get started and grow – we’ve done it ourselves – get in touch to make sure you do it right from the start and give your business a better chance of success

Many small business owners love looking after their own bookkeeping and accounts. Others prefer to be able to pass over their bookkeeping paperwork to a bookkeeper or accountant and know it’s in good hands.  Once you get to a certain size a bookkeeper is important to help you meet HMRC requirements and reduce the stress of running a business.  If you prefer to focus on what you do well in your business, your specialist knowledge, we can help you look after your bookkeeping.  We will guide you to help you stay on track, get your accounts and VAT returns in on time and if you have an accountant we will work with them to reduce the hassle of year end.  If you are based in the Twickenham area, get in touch for a free initial meeting.  We’re happy to work with you if you’re further away via our remote service so give us a call and tell us more about your business.

We look forward to hearing from you!  Call Jackie on 020 8892 5473 or email