How to choose an accountant for your business

At Twickenham Bookkeepers we’ve run our own businesses for many years.  We know what it’s like.  We have chosen service providers who have been simply awful.  We’ve heard of a few horror stories……comments have included:

  • Too expensive
  • No added value
  • Didn’t understand my business
  • Lacked real appreciation of my situation
  • Unfriendly
  • Didn’t know what they were doing
  • Disappeared when the going got tough
  • Bookkeeper got ill and left us in the lurch
  • Too cheap……..

We’ve worked with individuals and with teams of professionals.  We’ve experienced the difference a quality service provider can make to your business.  Often it’s easy to choose based on price without really thinking about the hidden costs if things go wrong.  Choose a professional team and you will be well supported.  For example, we offer:

  • Reasonable fees with a return on your investment
  • A regular team member to work with you but with someone else working on your account so there’s continuity and backup for holidays and sickness
  • Monthly billing based on work completed during the month so you only pay for the support you’ve received
  • Payment plans to help spread the costs of backlogs and setup and smooth payments where clients need to catch up with their systems
  • Friendly, reliable advice when you need it
  • An out of hours service to suit your needs – we even welcome your kids to play while we chat!
  • An understanding of your whole business – we understand the overall picture from real experience so we appreciate that as a business owner you are juggling many priorities
  • We are practical, flexible and pragmatic – we know it often takes time to achieve an ideal situation and we’re comfortable with working with where you are now and improving things as and when is appropriate – as long as it’s above board and legal we’ll find the best way to move you forward!
  • Support on other areas which impact on your accounts – eg procedures and systems
  • Quality control systems including backups and central procedures and documentation
  • Continued professional development and sharing best practice across the team is our norm
  • If things go wrong, which is unusual for us but let’s face it we are all human, we will make sure we work closely with you to get it put right, stay right and prevent a similar issue
  • We pride ourselves on our continuous improvement approach

If you are concerned about choosing the right accountant for your business and are based in and around Twickenham, then get in touch.  We’d be delighted to hear from you.  There’s no obligation but if it feels right and we’re on the same page, then we’d love to work with you to help you to improve your business, whether that’s growth, maintaining your existing success or turning around a challenging situation!

Email or call 020 8892 5473.